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[ UNC Charlotte’s Holshouser Hall Renovation project ] Job Information
Company Balfour Beatty Const. Charlotte Category Advertisement for Bids
Job Type Advertisement for Bids Minimum Education University
Degree Title
Start Publishing 02/27/2014 State NC
City Charlotte

Balfour Beatty Construction, Construction Manager, will accept sealed bids for UNC Charlotte’s Holshouser Hall Renovation project located on the campus of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Bids will be accepted from pre-qualified 1st tier subcontractors only for the following bid packages:
BP-E02a Demolition & Abatement; BP-E22a Early Plumbing; BP-E26a Early Electrical
Sealed bids will be received by hand and publicly opened and read aloud at 2:00 PM EST Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 in Room 111, Cone University Center (#5 on the campus map – on the UNC Charlotte campus.  
A Pre-Bid Conference will be held on Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 at 2:00 PM in Room 112, Cone University Center (#5 on the campus map – on the UNC Charlotte campus.  The pre-bid is not mandatory but attendance is highly encouraged.  
All questions and/or clarifications should be addressed to the Construction Manager, who will then correspond with the Design team, if necessary, for answers and clarifications (see Construction manager contact information below).
University of North Carolina Charlotte
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte, NC  28223
Clark Nexsen
1523 Elizabeth Ave, Suite 300
Charlotte, NC  28204
Phone Number 704-377-8800
Construction Manager:
Balfour Beatty Construction
1930 Camden Road, Suite 280
Charlotte, NC  28203
Bid Questions, please contact Tom Hollis
Only Pre-Qualified bidders may obtain complete sets of plans, specifications, and bid manual.  Subcontractors can purchase plans on their own from Richa Graphics noted below.  Other interested 2nd and 3rd tier subcontractors and suppliers are still encouraged to quote work to the Pre-Qualified trade contractors.  Documents may be obtained through Balfour Beatty Construction – Contact Bryan Gissy @ 919-901-3742 or
Complete plans, specifications and contract documents will be open for inspection in the offices of Balfour Beatty Construction’s office, 1930 Camden Road, Suite 280, Charlotte NC 28203, and Clark Nexsen, 1523 Elizabeth Ave, Suite 300, Charlotte, NC 28204 and in the plan rooms of the Associated General Contractors, Carolinas Branch, Charlotte NC, in the local North Carolina offices of McGraw-Hill Dodge Corporation, and in the Eastern Regional Office of Reed Construction Data in Norcross, GA and in the following Minority Plan Rooms:  
HCAC Plan Room, 29233 East Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28205 704-331-3000;
Metrolina Minority Contractors Association (MMCA), 2848 Queen City Drive, Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28208, 704-332-5746,
Copies of Plans may be received from the following location (at subcontractor’s own expense):
Richa Graphics, 800 North College Street, Charlotte, NC 28206,  Toll Free: 855.880.3998    
Bid security in the amount of 5% of the bid amount shall be submitted with each bid (note all bids must be accompanied with a Bid bond). The bid security shall be in the form of a bid bond, a cashier’s check, or a certified check on some bank or trust company insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation made payable to Balfour Beatty Construction.  The apparent low responsible, responsive bidder shall have their bid security held by Balfour Beatty Construction until the Trade Contractor agreement is executed and all required documentation and materials are sent forth and approved by Balfour Beatty Construction.  All requested documentation and materials must be sent forth to Balfour Beatty Construction in not less than 10 days from acceptance of trade package contract.
Use the standard Bid Bond forms from State Construction Office, this form will be attached to the Bid form in the bid packages handed out at the Pre-bid conference.   Bid security will be returned to all bidders after the lowest responsible, responsive trade package contractor is determined and said contractor has agreed to enter into a contract for the work.
Payment and Performance Bonds are waived for Trade Packages under $500,000 with the exception of the building envelope Trade Packages.  If submitting on multiple Trade Packages and the aggregate of the packages meet or exceed $500,000, Payment and Performance Bonds will be required for each Trade Package.  Please note that any and all bid packages will require a 5% Bid Bond, regardless of the value of the package(s).  All Pre-Qualified bidders are encouraged to seek minority business participation.  The minimum minority participation goal for this project is 25%.   See UNC Charlotte “Good Faith Effort” Requirements as shown in BBC’s Bidding and contract requirements.  
All trade package bid proposals must be submitted on the appropriate trade package bid form that pertains to the trade package that you have been pre-qualified to bid.  Bids shall be made upon the form of proposal provided by Balfour Beatty Construction for the applicable trade package all forms must be filled out completely and accurately with all applicable information.  Do not alter, change or add to the bid forms in anyway, shape or form, this or any added clarifications may result in your bid being withdrawn from consideration.  All bids must be signed by an authorized Owner or Officer of the company.  Please consult the Bid Manual for all forms. 
HUB firms are encouraged to attend Pre-Bid even if your firm is not looking to Bid as first tier subcontractor. Other Firms will be present and may be looking for low tier subcontractors to increase their firm’s participation.
No bids may be withdrawn for a period of 60 days after receipt of bid, The CM and Owner reserve the right to reject any and all bids, to waive informalities, and to award contract to other than low bidder should it be deemed in their best interest. 
Posted 02/27/2014 18:57:06