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GDN Book Feature: Fit, Fine and Fabulous by Dr. Laureen Wishom

Written by Featured Organization on 26 August 2013.

John Travis Holt Fit, Fine and  Fabulous by Dr. Laureen Wishom

Vision it, implement it and leverage it – that’s success. And  it all starts with a radical decision. In her acclaimed debut book: Fit, Fine & Fabulous in Career, Business & Life, Dr. Laureen Wishom delved into the lives of career and business women all around the world as well as looking at her own life, hopes, desires and her pursuits for a life by her own design.


In the book readers will learn how to: 

• Stay motivated, focused and balanced.

 • Take daily action that creates a life-altering, ripple effect. 

• Set intentions and stick with them.

 • Celebrate your 'who' (uniqueness) and 'why' (purpose).

 • Make the radical decisions to change every area of your life. 

Having found the killer app' for Growth * Success * Acceleration she developed the 3R Method: Re-Imagine, Re-Invent and Re-Emerge for becoming one's own version of success in career, business and life.

Dr. Laureen abandoned the "play a bigger game" and "take it to the next level" values and decided to operate from a place that she calls "Taking It to a Whole New Level."  She wanted to get "on her dime" once and for all and create her own exclusive space.

Dr. Laureen describes Fit, Fine & Fabulous as a state of being where your career, business, life, emotions, family, relationships, lifestyle, health, spirituality, finances and even your "within" are all aligned and you are living successfully every day. It's knowing what gives you true meaning, contentment and peace of mind.  Website:   w

Dr. Laureen Wishom, dubbed as the ‘Million Dollar Solutionist’ is an award-winning Growth, Success and Acceleration Expert.  She is the founder of Dr. Laureen International a full-circle coaching and consulting company. 

Her clients are high-achieving women (and enlightened men) entrepreneurs, executives, non-profit leaders and career professionals who want to discover the strategies on how to: master Growth, achieve Success and live in strategic Acceleration.  

She is a leading expert in teaching others how to: create the ‘WOW’ Factor, provide unique client experiences and master the art of doing different things and then doing things differently in order to leverage self-worth for high net-worth.  

She is best known for her signature program: How to Get Connected, Get Noticed, Get Known and Get Paid.  She is the author of the Amazon Best Seller: Fit, Fine and Fabulous in Career, Business and Life.

Dr. Laureen has been recognized twice as one of Houston’s most influential women. •