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17 Paths to Enlightenment

Written by Frederick Marx on Thursday, 05 March 2009 17:48.

ZanskarisIndigenous peoples are similar to our globe's flora and fauna in one key way - many of them also face extinction. Global economic forces can invade and devour these fragile social systems if they’re not sustainably managed. Zanskar is one. A remote region in extreme northwest India, historically Zanskar was considered part of Tibet. The Indian government considered the area impossible to administer, officially "closing" it to the outside world until 1974.

Doctor to the Elderly Grapples with Own Father's Aging

Written by Featured Organization on Friday, 27 February 2009 16:06.

As a geriatrician, Jerald Winakur, M.D., has dedicated his career to helping the elderly live well and, when the time comes, die with grace. Even so, he was unprepared for his own father’s descent into disability and dementia. “I may be a geriatrician, but coming to grips with the ravages and the realities of the aging process in my father has been no easier for me than for anyone,” Dr. Winakur wrote in a new book, “Memory Lessons: A Doctor’s Story.”

The Stuff Dream Are Made Of: Research

Written by Featured Organization on Tuesday, 17 February 2009 22:42.

meaning of dreams Carey Morewedge(Must be logged in to read this article)
When Dreaming Is Believing: Dreams Affect People’s Judgment, Behavior
- While science tries to understand the stuff dreams are made of, humans, from cultures all over the world, continue to believe that dreams contain important hidden truths, according to newly published research. In six different studies, researchers surveyed nearly 1,100 people about their dreams.


Sexually Harassed Women Leave Workplace Out of Weakness

Written by University of Haifa on Friday, 13 February 2009 00:28.

Sexually Harassed Women Leave WorkplaceWomen who have been through sexual harassment at the workplace tend to leave the organization. This was revealed by a study that was carried out at the University of Haifa. "It is a matter of having no other outlet and not an act of control and power," the researchers stated.

Energizing Creativity to Achieve Exponential Growth

Written by Kim Web on Saturday, 07 February 2009 04:01.

Kimberly M. Cross NSBE 2009 National Convention Planning Committee ChairpersonWe have arrived to the Entertainment Capital of the world! I know all of you have been waiting to see the flashing lights of Las Vegas Strip. On behalf of the entire 2009 Convention Planning Committee (CPC), I welcome you to the 35th Annual National Convention of the National Society of Black Engineers, hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Bally’s and The Flamingo Hotels.

'Our Lincoln' Goes to Washington

Written by Featured Organization on Friday, 06 February 2009 01:08.

With his own musical tastes ranging from sentimental ballads and nonsense songs to opera, President Abraham Lincoln likely would be pleased with the legacy of music influenced by him and his service to the country. And as the 200th bicentennial of Lincoln's birth commences, audiences in the nation's capitol will hear music from his time.

25th Annual YWCA Cape Fear Women of Achievement

Written by YWCA on Friday, 23 January 2009 04:15.

YWCA Achievement Awards (Wilmington, NC, December 2008) -  Nominations are now being accepted for the 25th Annual YWCA Cape Fear Women of Achievement Awards.  These awards honor women and youth who demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities, as well as excellence, accomplishments in their careers, schools and communities.

How Youth Programs Foster Responsibility

Written by Wake Forest University on Wednesday, 06 February 2008 17:21.

Youth programs that include boring or difficult tasks are more likely to develop responsibility in teenagers than those that are all fun and games, according to a study of youth programs and responsibility by a Wake Forest University psychologist. The study appears in the January/February issue of the journal Child Development. Programs for adolescents need to be engaging.

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