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Written by Peter Grear, Esq. on 20 February 2014.

JOHN TRAVIS HOLT GDN Please understand that proclaiming ourselves – that is our Facebook page and website – “number one” in the campaign to defeat voter suppression is necessary to lay the groundwork for the conversation necessary to identify the component parts of an effective campaign.  When someone new to the issue of voter suppression wants to get up to speed and educated, where should he go?  We argue that for current news he should go to our weekly print edition, free weekly electronic publication and  For current commentary, reference should be made to my weekly articles that are archived on our website

For the mechanics of community organizing, and a whole lot more, one should go to  Last, but not least, for community protests, litigation and a whole lot more, a person should join and support the efforts of the NAACP, involved by following our mantra: educate, organize and mobilize. 

Use, our print edition, our free weekly electronic publication and as primary resources for educating those interested in learning about voter suppression past, present and future.  We link to websites and work with many individuals and organizations involved in the campaign to defeat voter suppression and it should be noted that all of us have different strengths and weaknesses.  To properly run an effective campaign individuals and the public need to know and understand these strengths and weaknesses and give us feedback that helps us to enhance our strengths and minimize the weaknesses of our overall operation.  For organizing I suggest that you use as your primary website resource.  We suggest that you post comments and question on our above-referenced Facebook site.  Lastly, all of our efforts, individual and organizational, between now and November are designed to do all of the things necessary for effective mobilization in November. 

What will November 2014 success look like?  The way that we’ll know that we’ve been successful in the November elections is to look at the voter turnout numbers by groups targeted for suppression by the Voter Suppression Act of 2013, a/k/a the Voter Information Verification  Act of 2013, and see that they exceeded their anticipated level of participation in spite of the suppression law.

Now that you know the general lay of the land, it is incumbent upon you; your family, friends and organizations to join the campaign and make a considered contribution to its success.  Lastly, if there are issues that you are not clear on or topics that you’d like to have addressed, you’re invited to send us a letter to the editor or post a comment on Facebook.  Yes, we’re Number 1.

GDN covers news that is vital to unrepresented and underserved communities we need your financial support to help us remain viable.

Peter Grear, Esq. writes for Greater Diversity News with a primary focus on voter suppression.  To join the campaign to defeat voter suppression please “Like” and follow us at, “Share” our articles, and your ideas and comments on Facebook or at our website  Also, to promote the campaign to defeat voter suppression, please ask all of your Facebook “Friends” to follow the above-referenced recommendations. Additionally, please follow us on Twitter at @yourrighttovote.