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Harry Reid Got It Right: Koch Brothers Are Un-American

Written by Peter Grear on 08 April 2014.

Recently, Kathleen Parker, a widely read, conservative columnist challenged Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid’s characterization of the Koch Brothers as un-American and suggested that Reid owed the Koch Brothers and the American people an apology. She attributes such characterization as being rooted in the Koch Brothers, “support for unfetteredmarkets or their willingness to fund positions that might favor them.” As Joe Scarborough previously, she’s another conservative that ignores the fact that the Koch Brothers are mega donors in voter suppression campaigns all over America. 

It seems strange that theses conservatives that are rushing to save the good name of the Koch Brothers but are mum on the Brothers most un-American of all activities, voter suppression.

Yes, Kathleen Parker, the Koch Brothers are un-American. When will you and like minded conservatives address the fact that voter suppression is in fact un-American? Or, if it’s not, defend it.

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