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100 Days and Counting for Democrats Party Leaders Say Charlotte Convention on Track

Written by Herbert L. White Special to the NNPA from the Charlotte Post on 04 June 2012.

With President Barack Obama is 100 days away from making his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, organizers marked the occasion with a pep talk. National and local party leaders held a press conference Tuesday at Bank of America Stadium to update the convention’s progress and tout its goal of inclusion for the Sept. 3-6 event. “As someone who has been involved in the convention from the very beginning, it’s hard to believe we have 100 days to go,” DNC Committee CEO Steve Kerrigan said. “There’s been so much we’ve accomplished since we got here with a small little staff of 12 people that’s now grown to over 100 people.”

Kerrigan was joined by DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Mayor Anthony Foxx and Karen Baldwin of Durham, an Obama For America volunteer for the launch of the “I’m There” campaign to encourage people to join convention activities in person or online. From the Labor Day Festival at Charlotte Motor Speedway to President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at Bank of America Stadium, party leaders are looking to engage everyday folks. 

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to help host this year’s convention,” said Baldwin, a longtime community organizer who volunteered for Obama’s 2008 campaign. “We’ll be able to stand together as Americans and re-nominate for president of the United States.”

Foxx expressed confidence that North Carolina – which Obama carried in 2008 by a little more than 14,000 votes – will be a showplace for the world during convention week.

“The convention will be an incredible opportunity for North Carolina to demonstrate that we are a dynamic, diverse and vibrant state that has historically looked beyond the present to ensure that its people are stronger in the future,” he said.

Fort the first time, the DNC isn’t taking cash from corporations or political action committees for convention funding, putting responsibility on grassroots donors to foot the $36.65 million bill. Party leaders said Tuesday the DNC is on target to meet its goal of expanding its donor base.

“Democrats are fired up across the country and ready to work hard to re-elect Barack Obama president of the United States,” Wasserman Schultz said. “They know this convention is going to be unlike any in history and they’re thrilled Democrats made the bold move of putting our convention right here in the South because it shows that we’re dedicated to expanding the map and competing in states all across the country.”

Final touches have yet to be made to the convention program, but Kerrigan is pleased with its progress as September approaches.

“I can tell with certainty our planning is right on track,” he said, “but we have plenty of other milestones to reach in the final 100 days.”

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