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Career And Education


Neighborhood Activists Get Master's Degree-Tuition Free

Written by Featured Organization on Thursday, 09 April 2009 14:50.

Three community activists from Boston's urban neighborhoods will attend graduate school at Tufts University without having to pay a tuition bill. As the newest incoming class of Tufts' Neighborhood Fellows program, they will research and conduct field work, and complete 9 graduate courses in the area of public policy. The result of all the hard work will be a Master of Public Policy degree.

Students with Experience Corps Tutors Make 60% More Progress

Written by Washington University in St. Louis on Thursday, 09 April 2009 00:00.

Tutoring children in and after school isn't new, but how much does it really help in critical areas like reading? Rigorous new research from Washington University in St. Louis shows significant gains from a national service program to help low-income children one-on-one in urban public schools.

White House Internship Program

Written by White House on Wednesday, 04 March 2009 18:46.

white house internshipThe White House Internship Program provides a unique opportunity to gain job experience and an inside look at the life of White House staff while building leadership skills.  This hands-on program is designed to mentor and cultivate today’s young leaders, strengthening their understanding of future public service possibilities.

Rethinking Integration at the University

Written by Dalhousie University on Thursday, 26 March 2009 14:18.

For some in the university community, it may not be the easiest book to read but Anthony Stewart’s You Must Be A Basketball Player will force its readers to think about a series of often-challenging topics from white privilege, to race and integration – topics that are ever-more pressing.

Students Helping Students: a Guide for Developing Social Skills in Students with Disabilities

Written by Vanderbilt University on Tuesday, 17 February 2009 22:19.

Students Helping Students: a Guide for Developing Social Skills in Students with DisabilitiesStudents helping other students learn has been proven to boost academic achievement and social skills in students with and without disabilities. A new book by Vanderbilt University researchers, Peer Support Strategies for Improving All Students’ Social Lives and Learning, based on over 20 years of research in the field, offers teachers practical guidelines for implementing these strategies in the classroom.

Previous Work Experience Not Always A Positive for New Job

Written by Ohio State University on Friday, 27 February 2009 16:13.

Employees with previous work experience bring valuable knowledge and skills to their new jobs – but some of what they learned may actually hurt their work performance. A study of telephone call center employees is one of the first to suggest that previous work experience isn’t all positive for new employees. Workers may keep some old habits and ways of doing things that hurt performance in their new roles.