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GDN Calendar

Written by Featured Organization on 09 February 2009.

Greater Diversity News Calendars
greater diversity news event calendars north carolina greater diversity news event calendars north carolina GDN event calendars north carolina
"Thank you for taking the time to publish our event. I just received a follow-up email from Shanasa letting me know that the event was published. It's rare these days to get such excellent customer service and I appreciate it."
Cathy Harms, Philanthropy Journal


  • Post your events for FREE!
  • Your event will reach over 30,000 readers weekly.
  • Unlimited editing for frequent updates to your event.
  • You can email your event to your contact list from the calendar itself.
  • You can post a flier or attachment to your event like a registration form.
  • You can add multiple Web links to event information on your site.
  • Your event will be ranked high on Google search engine.
  • Flag your event or add an icon for extra visibility (registered users only)

If you have any questions please contact us through the contact us form or call 1-800-462-0738.

Event Calendars Posting Instructions:

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  1. Once you have registered and confirmed your email address, login and select the Master Calendar from the Calendar item on the menu.
  2. Next to each date there is a small [+] sign. Clicking on this symbol will open the posting window.
  3. Then choose which city your event is located in and select the date of your event.
  4. You can always return to make any revisions needed to your posting. 
  5. If you need assistance please call 1-800-462-0738.  

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