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About Employer Section

Written by Featured Organization on 08 October 2009.

Company profile and logo

Each job an employer posts gets its own separate page. Your Joomla users can create their Company Profile and include their company's logotype. Profile can be modified any time.

Once registered, employers can add Job Postings, make them active or inactive (inactive job postings don't appear in search results), modify job postings anytime or remove them.
There is a special section available to view Job Applications received and filter them using different criteria.

Search resumes

Employers can find resumes of job seekers that match their criteria. A powerful resume search allows employers to search resumes! With The credit system, You can charge employers before they search resume. Credit system can be configurated from component admin panel.

Job Posting and editing

Employers can post/edit/delete the jobs from their employer panel

Credit System

(If the site administrator activated the credit system from admin panel,) they can buy credits with their paypal account. credits will be used for job posting and resume database search

They can also see when credit buying history with dates and paypal trascation details.

Employers can also when and for what they have spent their credits

Credit system is used to post jobs and searching resume database

E-mail templates

Employers can create e-mail templates which will help employers to respond the applicant they have recieved

Viewing the applicant

Employers can see all the applicants (and filter them with criterias) and their resumes.

Employers are able to sent e-mail to the applicants.

Employers can write comment about the applicants