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“Diary of a Failure” by Eric McNeal Helps Teens and Young Adults Overcome Failure

Written by Featured Organization on Tuesday, 27 May 2014 13:56.

Everyone loves to talk about their successes, and bookstores are loaded with volumes about how to achieve success. Seminars and workshops teach people how to succeed at work, at love, at weight loss, at fitness, and at life in general. Experts are ready to tell you exactly how to live your life, from when to get up in the morning and what to eat for breakfast to how to ensure a good night’s sleep, in order to succeed. But there is one detail no one likes to dwell on, although it is essential to success. That is failure. For many, discussing failure is taboo.Is true success the ability to keep learning from your failures and trying again? How can one do that? These are the questions tackled by Eric McNeal in his just released book Diary of a Failure: The Art of Failing Your Way to Success.


Preschool Teacher Depression Linked to Behavioral Problems in Children

Written by Featured Organization on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 13:01.

Study suggests unhealthy classroom climate is contributing factor 
COLUMBUS, Ohio – Depression in preschool teachers is associated with behavioral problems ranging from aggression to sadness in children under the teachers’ care, new research suggests. The study identified one contributing factor to this link: a poor-quality atmosphere in the child care setting that exists as a result of the teacher’s depressive symptoms. In this study, “teacher” refers to both classroom instructors and in-home child care providers. Researchers conducted the study using data from a large national study that collected family information primarily from low-income, single-mother households.


Business Survival 101: Put a Woman in Charge

Written by Featured Organization on Monday, 17 February 2014 18:57.

ITHACA, N.Y. — The key to long-term survival for many businesses is having a woman in charge, according to Cornell University researchers.Many businesses survive longer under female ownership, according to research by Michele Williams, assistant professor of organizational behavior in the ILR School, and Arturs Kalnins, associate professor of strategy at the School of Hotel Administration. “We find that female-owned businesses consistently out-survive male-owned businesses in many industries and areas,” said Michele Williams, assistant professor of organizational behavior in Cornell’s ILR School. “Our study contributes to the debate about gender and business ownership by going beyond typical questions asked by researchers and policymakers.We explore the often-ignored third possibility – that female-owned businesses systematically out-survive male owned-business in specific industrial sectors and regions.”



Written by Featured Organization on Friday, 21 February 2014 15:26.

john travis holt

In RIP! A REMIX MANIFESTO filmmaker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century and shattering the wall between users and producers. The film’s central protagonist is Girl Talk, a mash-up musician topping the charts with his sample-based songs. But is Girl Talk a paragon of people power or the Pied Piper of piracy? Creative Commons founder Lawrence Lessig, Brazil’s Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil and pop culture critic Cory Doctorow are also along for the ride. Which side of the ideas war are you on? Find out after watching RIP!


STEM Education Gap Threatens American Economic Success

Written by Jazelle Hunt on Monday, 17 February 2014 18:55.

WASHINGTON (NNPA) – At a time when 6.7 percent unemployment (or, 11.9 percent among African Americans) is an improvement, the STEM sector still has more available jobs than qualified American professionals. And according to a study released last week, the United States’ will halt its economic success unless the racial gap in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education is addressed.


Teachers: Preventing and Addressing Behavior Problems Tips from the What Works Clearinghouse™

Written by Featured Organization on Monday, 13 January 2014 16:44.

After the winter break, transitioning back to school -- and back to good classroom behavior -- can be challenging for students. The WWC offers evidence-based strategies you can use today to prevent and address behavior problems so everyone can enjoy a more productive classroom. Learn how to modify the classroom environment to alter or remove factors that trigger problem behaviors. Strategies include revisiting and reinforcing expectations, modifying the learning space to motivate students, and varying instructional strategies to increase academic success.