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The Spouse Experience: Camp Lejeune

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Camp Lejeune, NC 28547, USA

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The Spouse Experience: Camp Lejeune

The Spouse Experience: Camp Lejeune
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Marston Pavilion
Bldg. 730 MCB
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

10:00am -2:00pm’s Spouse Experience is a one-of-a-kind interactive event presented by military spouses for military spouses. Every year’s Spouse Experience brings together thousands of military spouses to extend support to the women and men on the homefront. The event is an opportunity for all military spouses to get together, learn from each other, share the joys and challenges of military life, and laugh at the inevitable and incredible “oops” moments that all milspouses have.  In a fast-paced, on-your-feet, NO-Power-Point, win-a-prize workshop, the SpouseBuzz experts bring their best insider tips on the top four concerns of military spouses.

9:00–10:00 am Check in/Registration      

10:00–10:15 am Jacey Eckhart Welcome: Why Are You Here (Instead of Home and in Your Jammies)?

10:15–11:00 am The Honey Badger of Love
SpouseBuzz Editor Jacey Eckhart and reveals three ways you can zest up your military marriage. Using crowd games and demonstration, Jacey teaches you to the easy way to claim the flame, be the Queen of Reframe and dump that pesky honey badger of blame. Chocolate provided upon request.

11:00 - 12:15 Two and A Half Friends
When you are a milspouse, your Facebook friends, your mom and your servicemember are not enough. You actually need Two and a Half friends. In this SpouseBuzz Exclusive activity we will teach you how to launch the kind of friendships that last forever.

12:15–1:00 pm Working Lunch: Fix it and Forget it: 6 Ways to Avoid Fighting About Money
Financial expert Scott Halliwell shares some straight-forward steps to making money a team game at your house.Plus: A take home recipe to take charge of your finances.

1:00–1:45 pm Top Tens —You Be the Expert: Spousebuzz Team
Work with SpouseBuzz bloggers and your fellow spouses to develop Top Ten tips for every relationship stage to be published on Our readers want to hear tips from you whether you are happily engaged, newlywed, married for just a few years or a long time spouse.

1:45–2:00 pm Final Drawing and Farewell