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Shepower Business Week & Expo 2014

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Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, NC 27601, USA

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Shepower Business Week & Expo 2014
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    Mar 25 2014 at 12:00 AM - Mar 29 2014 at 11:59 PM
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    On March 25-29 5, 2014, Professional Training for Women™ and ShePOWERNetwork™ will host the inaugural She Power Business Week & Expo™.....
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Shepower Business Week & Expo 2014

On March 25-29 5, 2014, Professional Training for Women™ and ShePOWERNetwork™ will host the inaugural She Power Business Week & Expo™, featuring the first ever “Support A Women-Owned Business Day” and the “State of Her Business” Symposium .
She Power Business Week & EXPO™ is a week-long examination and celebration of the gr owth of women-owned businesses and its impact on our economy. SPBW ™ is anchored by several education “solution”ars, empowerment sessions and a variety of networking and social events all designed to educate, empower and maximize the success of women in business.
We’ve set out to make this the most comprehensive and laser focused convention for women business owners that North Carolina has ever seen. We will discuss topics such as:

The top women-owned industries across the state of North Carolina
How to become a certified woman business owner
How to effectively position a start-up in a saturated market
How to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t
What our economy would look like if we were to fail as women business owners versus what it will look like when we succeed
And much more!

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Solutionar™ Descriptions
Solutionars are solution-based seminars designed to provide actions steps and answer specific questions that fulfill your business needs - minus the lecturing.

How To Transition From Employee To Employer
Are you transitioning or thinking about transitioning from full time employment to self-boss? There are quite a few things you need to consider before making what most overlook as a huge decision. From mindset, to financial considerations, to exit strategies, this session will offer specific solutions to problems that many entrepreneurs face when making this leap.

How To Market To The Government
Do you need a better understanding of how the government chooses with whom to do business? In this session, you’ll learn the government "customer avatar", learn how to get and stay compliant, How to become a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise (Wbe) and more.

How To Bridge The Digital Divide
Websites, Social Media, Analytics, Oh my! Whether you’re looking to bring your business online, learning to use cloud software, or simply need help embracing technology in your business, you’ll walk out of this session knowing how to create a digital strategy—whether you Diy or outsource. In 2014, it matters.

How To Bring On A Partner
Whether it’s an investor, shareholder, silent partner or split down the middle, there are many considerations when thinking of adding a partner to your business, as well as many good reasons why you should.

How To Get Investor Ready
Do you think your business is ready or is in need of investor to get to the next level? Learn what investors look for, what you need to be sure of and how to perfect your pitch.

How To Build A Socially Responsible Company
Social responsibility is not be left to non-profits. It's also not just a feel good gesture by large corporations. It is exactly what it is, a responsibility that should be folded into your business strategy. Are you a social entrepreneur? This session will teach you the fundamentals of building a socially responsible company, from strategy to how it effects your bottom line.

How To Develop And Market Your Own Products
Do you have a unique product that you have introduced or looking to introduce into the marketplace? Are you struggling with where to get started? This session will walk you through the process from making to marketing and provide solutions for creating your unique value proposition.

How To Help Your Business Stay In Business
This solutionar focuses on accounting, bookkeeping, legal concerns and cloud solutions to keep it all together.

How To Hire And Keep Good Employees
If you're ready to hire employees, this seminar will prepare you for building and keeping an amazing team. You'll also find solutions for where to find the best employees, interviewing techniques, de-mystifying employee benefits and managing people.

How To Monetize Your Genius
If you are an expert, you can make money with what you know. Learn three specific streams of income for experts that you can start or add to any currect streams. Get solutions for how to get started, what to charge and how to market your knowledge.

How To Be A Six-Figure Winner
The purpose of the entire week is to help you grow your business. In business, that only means one thing - making more money. The more you make, the better you can serve. If you are ready to earn your first 100k or even 1mil, learn exactly how to do that here.

How To Be A Technology Rock Star
Are you a code ninja? Web builder? Tech expert? App creator? Analytics animal? Discover solutions for becoming a thriving tech company titan.