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National Black & Latino Council Supplier Diversity Summit

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National Black & Latino Council Supplier Diversity Summit

National Black & Latino Council Supplier Diversity Summit

Organization: National Black & Latino Council

National Black & Latino Council a 501(c) 3 non profit professional networking organization for Hispanics, Latinos,& African Americans is the largest Black & Latino professional networking organization is America based in Atlanta Georgia. 

We are please to announce our Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Supplier Diversity Summit. Our goal is to create an unique synergy of bringing the best and brightest Hispanics,Latinos,& African Americans, but not limited too. 

We will be inviting the Highest Ranking Latinos, African Americans, Women, & Veterans, that work in Fortune 500 Corporations and the Global Market plus have an Top Tier Entrepreneurs Roundtable in the World. 

NBLC focus will provide an atmosphere of accessibility and direct connectivity to tap into the Supply Chain of Corporate America.

Plus a CEO Shot Gun Golf Tournament 

Join us in San Juan Puerto Rico August 25-28, 2013 As we unite the Black & Brown Business Community throughout America-That are ready and able to do Business Worldwide.

Lance Robertson
Executive Director
787 791 1000